Alex Auld – What You’re Thinking Lyrics

[Verse 1: Alex Auld]
Stick to my word you can keep your advice
Live beyond my means hope to exceed any price
Life is a free for all roll good with the dice
Hustle for the heights seek my soul in the nights
Cool with the whiskey gonna get more than just tipsy
Convinced I’m the one thats best from the city
Thought there was a path the trails a little bit misty
Come along way from dabbling with the Whitney
P6 and bullshit it could never win me back
Left me with bad traits nearly a insomniac
Putting in the work to go towards my stack
Homing in my skills no need to question my mack
Tryna’ think ahead cause time don’t wait
Meet with opportunity or meet with fate
Absolve me of the bad in time a clean slate
Destined to be great but i guess ill just wait

Tryna do my best all I wanna do is make it right
My mind never rests i can do that in another life
All this shits a test understand before the other side
Gotta stay blessed everyday comes another sign
Emotions colours pretty much sums it up for me
Love to hold those feelings just no chance or no guarantee
Indecisive mind always exercise the third degree
Know what I want but I don’t wanna disagree
I Go ahead with time with a militant mind
Dont ever be blind you gotta stick to the grind
Let go of bullshit theres other things to find
I should associate myself with a similar kind
I dont worry about shit I worry what I do
Owe nobody nothing I always pay my Due
Facts of the matter its the cold hard truth
Honest as f*ck when I step into the booth