Armani Caesar – Ginger Rothstein Lyrics

Caese, they know the vibe

Murder scene Caese (Uh-huh), known to cause scenes (Ooh)
A riot, see it, buy it, call me Ginger Rothstein (Uh-huh, ooh)
Get money, niggas love me, say I'm just a boss team (Uh-huh, team)
On a trip, runnin' shit, it can get exhaustin' (Aha, woo)
Bottle girl (Girl), wrist on froze (Woo), period (Woo, ice)
Ass is swole (Swole), his bitch is cold (Cold), serious (Serious, uh)
Pushin' cars, two or better on the dash (On the di-nash)
Coppin' bags that your bitch'll never have (Never have)
Was in the club every night, shakin' ass (Gettin' bread)
Makin' more than your nigga on the ave (Aha, sex)
Hustler's blueprint (Uh-huh), just a steppin' stone, bitches (Yeah)
Was up a couple hundred thou' as soon as school finished (Facts)

And that's in 'bout a year, bitch, I keep these fools wishin' (Uh-huh)
They had the mind state or a new improved vision (Keep goin', vision)
I just want it for a couple years, then I'm finished (Uh-huh, sit)
Just to show you how a real bitch 'posed to did it ('Posed to did it, huh)
I'll show you how to do this, huh (Uh-huh, woo)
Rather be a rich ho than a foolish one (Come on, okay)
Only f*ck with boss niggas, bet you boo ain't one (Uh-uh)
f*ckin' but you dead broke, tuh, you clueless, huh (Huh, ahaha)
I ain't even in my prime, no Amazon (No Amazon)
Life is lit, it's a movie, turn the cameras on (Broke)
Stay shittin', swear to god, need a Pamper on (You see it)
They was sleep, so I killed them with pyjamas on (Brra)
Caese, nigga