Arrogant Worms – Jean Shorts Lyrics

Honey, we’ve been dating for a while now
And there’s something you should know
There’s a secret I’ve been keepin’
Hope it doesn’t make you want to go
We both had a lot of baggage
When we started going out
There’s some history I’ve not told you
I think it’s time to shout

I own three pairs of jean shorts
I really love my jean shorts
A just-above-the-knee shorts
Durable and fun jean shorts

They’re not too tight or baggy
They fit just perfectly right
I got two pair for daytime
And a dressy pair for night
I threw out my fanny pack
‘Cause I got so many pockets
I love it when they’re so worked in
See the outline of my wallet

Right there on my jean shorts
I just love my jean shorts
They’re my wrinkle-free shorts
Function and fashion jean shorts

Dark socks, white socks, no socks
I can accessorize
Hope you don’t mind, Baby
But I figured out your size
Nice and snug at the waist
But roomy in the thighs
No, it’s not your birthday
But I got you a surprise

Now we have matching jean shorts
We’ll turn heads in our jean shorts
Don’t cha like your jean shorts?
Just try them on for me shorts
You don’t have to be mean shorts
Ya gonna leave me for jean shorts?
Well, I still love my jean shorts
And my jean shorts love me