Bfb Da Packman – Made Me Mad Lyrics (feat. Dice Soho)

Zay this shit too crazy
Thank you Jaylen
I appreciate you man
But right now I'm hungry
I need a-

[Verse 1: BFB Da Packman]
Mac sauce on the double cheese
One time for fat niggas that look up to me (Yeah)
Lick her from the rooter to the tooter, now she stuck with me
She pull out her phone, I up the Glock, I'm not 600 Breezy (Yellow)
When you suck it baby girl gotta throat it fast
My opp died in his mama's urns, now I joke and laugh (Haha)
Hit his baby mama for the free, I only smoke the bag
My engineer leak some of my music, I'ma smoke his ass
What's up, Arab?
"Pew, pew, pew, pew, pew" what the K said
"Objection in this court room" what the K said
My bitch caught me f*cking on her sister, I just played dead
I bought these clothes from Walmart, is they really fly?
Saw Boosie arguing with Webbie and it made me cry
She said I had the best dick, did she tell me lies?
My kids kinda ugly, had to ask her, "Is they really mine?"
BFB and Dice Soho, this shit big reckless
Michigan opp said he gon' slide, bitch I'm in Texas
Call my bitch Fivio Foreign 'cause the bitch wetty
Wanna know if I got HIV? Go get your bitch tested
Oh my God
God damn
Holy Moly, shit wait come on
Let's go
Ok let's go now
Right here
Wait let's go
Ok, let's go

[Verse 2: BFB Da Packman]
Told the teacher f*ck you and they expel me
They spell Packman without a K bitch don't misspell me

I put on trash bag to lose weight, bitch I'm Missy Elliot
She suck dick so sloppy thought she threw up and she didn't tell me (Oh my God)
Seen you with your girl you turned your back I told her get with me
Ass flat like a Macbook but got some big titties
She text me and she told me she get loose when she drink Remy
I thought about smoking crack rock just to get skinny

[Verse 3: Dice Soho]
Yeah, yeah, aye
Skinny nigga dick 6'2
Walked in the spot, eyes red and my wrist blue
Icey life, f*ck a thot, bitches in the igloo
Coronavirus hit, I rob a niggas for they tissue
Diamonds on me in the hitting right(Yes sir)
Just DM'd your bitch she ready to risk her life
And I know you probably don't trust her so don't get me hype
[?] ain't got nothing to do with being rich or bright
Yea yea, free [?] though
Been poppin' shits as kids around the bity, mo
Chick in my trap in some Yeezy clothes
My bitch bag GG, but her diamonds VV though
Baby Glock by my cock, told her be careful
Gettin' slop, in the drop, down West Bethel
I just f*cked on a thot, thought I was Hugh Hefner
Yea I turnt to a ho, 'cause my boo left me
Two spots, one in Woodland Hills next to Brock Lesnar (Uh huh)
My neighbor Elon Musk, he let me whip the Tesla (Skrr skrr skrr)
Just ran into Kim K, I let it hit the pressure (What up?)
How you expect to win if you don't put in effort
Soho Soho
Yes sir