Blind Guardian – Follow The Blind (1989) (2007 Remastered)

Исполнитель: Blind Guardian
Альбом: Follow The Blind
Год выхода: 1989
Страна: Germany
Стиль: Power Metal | Progressive Metal
Формат: mp3
Качество: 320kbps
Размер: 149mb

01. Inquisition
02. Banish From Sanctuary
03. Damned For All Time
04. Follow The Blind
05. Hall Of The Ring
06. Fast To Madness
07. Beyond The Ice
08. Valhalla
09. Don’t Break The Circle
10. Barbara Ann
11. Majesty (demo’86)
12. Trial By The Archon (demo’86)
13. Battalions Of Fear (demo’86)
14. Run For The Right (demo’86)

Hansi Kürsch – vocals and bass
André Olbrich – lead guitar and backing vocals
Marcus Siepen – rhythm guitar and backing vocals
Thomas “Thomen” Stauch – drums

Guest musicians

Kai Hansen – vocals and guitar solo on “Valhalla”, guitar solo on “Hall of the King”
Mathias Wiesner – keyboards
Kalle Trapp – lead guitar and vocals on “Barbara Ann”
Thomas Hackmann – backing vocals
Rolf Köhler – backing vocals and lead vocals on “Barbara Ann”
Aman Malek – backing vocals

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