Colter Wall – Bob Fudge Lyrics

My name is Bob Fudge
I was born in Texas
Lampasas County
Back during the war
Small Pox and Comanches
Took most of my family
Left my poor mother
My brothers, my brothers and me

So I headed North
To ride for the Blockers
They were contractin' herds
On the Montana range
In the Spring of the year '82
We left ol' Lampasas
With two thousand steers
For the Little Big Horn

Crossing our trails
There were many great rivers
All to be crossed
Not a bridge would we find
In the cold rolling waters
And the wild plunging cattle
There was many a young man
Took leave of his life
Well we crossed at Doan's Store
Into the Indian nation
Saw the blood on the rocks

Where those cowboys had died
Then it's on Fort Dodge
On the Arkansas River
Where gamblers and the whores
All welcomed us there

And the great snowcapped peaks
Are on our left side now
For many miles
In the great silent land
When I first saw Montana
I knew I would love her
I would ride her great plains
'Til the end of my days

But she's all cut-and-dry now
And the trails are all gone
I've been to Yellowstone Park
In an automobile
But I can still see 'em swimming
Boys, I can still hear 'em running
I came off of the trails
When cowboys was king
My name is Bob Fudge
I died in Montana