Cupcakke – The Gag Is Lyrics

"Can we all just get along man?"

[Verse 1]
I said what the f*ck I said and I don't give a f*ck about who like it
f*ck around call this hoe a joke, cause every time I see her she bittin'
I should hit her with a copyright, smack her in the face Mike Tyson
Bitch done drove down the wrong road, but I'm praying that you got license

[Verse 2]
This is your f*cking hearse
I'm on straight business I'd tuck ya shirt
This ain't what I thought you meant when you slide in my DM like "Can I get a f*cking verse?"
And I keep receipts
You soft inside like a reese's pieces and we can't link causе you're EBT
Chopp a sleeper bitch, pick a nap song, like bitch I don't likе Peter P's

[Verse 3]
Stealing off bitches, like yeah I stole it (damn)
This is it, give me my f*cking roses (damn)
Dry ass p*ssy, get f*cked with lotion
I cough on this bitch, hope I give her Covid (ye-ye)
Beating me when it come to jokes, uh-huh
But when it comes to rap, no way
Bitch I'm whole motherf*cking Royles Royce sitting next to Suki Hyundai (damn)
Oh, you got three kids?
All them just dead (blap-blap-blap)
Through their head
Now bury them in your loose p*ssy, cause funerals cost too much bread
Don't be talking on our black kings, like if you're broke you can't get no butt
Bitch you got a whole man, but got an OnlyFans
Bitch that don't add up
I'm like "Mirror, Mirror on the wall" what the f*ck is this, this has gotta be a joke
How you wanna be me so f*cking bad
But you can't f*cking deepthroat (schlp)
I saw a video up on OnlyFans I'm like "Hold the f*ck up"
This ain't what Rihanna meant when she said "Throw it up, throw it up"

f*cking broke ass bitch, joke ass bitch
Can't take no dick in her throat ass bitch
Lost hope ass bitch, get the rope ass bitch
She sent a track then I turn it up to a nope ass bitch

[Verse 4]
Man, I wish I coulda saw your face when you ain't get the song back, that's amusing (hell no)
Told her ass she gon' wait longer than Rihanna dropping new music
It's confusing, got your ass done and it's lump sided on the upper parts
Bitch, when you get your ass done it's supposed to poke out like a question mark? (stupid)
But I still can't feel it, I'm so f*cking realer
Don't need lip fillers, you need Quentin Miller
She already dead, but I didn't mean to kill her
Moonwalk on her grave and, oops, that's thriller
Catch your ass up in person like "Didn't you speak on my mother?"
Then I'ma piss on ya three kids (psssssssss) and I'ma make you hold the umbrella

[Verse 5]
So you should f*cking hide 'fore I get some round spinners (boom boom boom)
I know I pissed you off but you don't wanna drown in it
The way I f*cking ate this now my gown ain't fitting
Put the Glock down her throat
Suki Hana found bitchin'
RIP Nip (woo!), boo it like a crip (woo!)
Kylie Jenner ass bitch, only known for the lips
You a p*ssy with no grip (ah!)
I'ma pull up let it rip (damn!)
Tell this bitch to roll up right so I can knock her out her lips
[Verse 6]
Don't wanna no smoke for me
This for the older G's
This is the Migos verse Jodeci
This is a free throw with Polo G
I put your soul in another summary
They know I beat ass so they holding me
Bitch I stay armed like deodorant
I know I live in your head rent free but that's a 14 day notary

Stupid bitch