Deeds Of Flesh – Ascension Vortex Lyrics (feat. Decrepit Bill, Obie Flett & Anthony Trapani)

Humanity’s way to escape a dying world
To evade the cold grasping hand of demise
The portal to vitality was forged
Evade…evade and live on
A crusade in the wake of a foretold apocalypse
A shift of power from a once thriving earth
The Portal
To salvation
Has become
Our path has been diverted and used against us
Culling the last of a damaged humanity from this planet
A Terrifying hole in the sky to
Transport bodies to the new harvest moon
Exhumed out of the ground violation profound
Pulsed, ripped and torn from the Earth
We were born…
Whirlwinds of dark matter concentrated in a vortex
A procession into an obscure fathomless void

A transport method to move the Virvum source
Systematically encasing
Disembodied and erasing
Herding millions into the unknown expanse
Transported within a turbulent tomb
Ascension to a place
Of suffering
Through a flurry of a cold and swirling darkness
Through dimensional elevation
Devoured in blackened clouds of dust
Man confined and powerless
In fragile shells of flesh
Harnessing the energies of a mysterious force
Diverted, Transported, Befouled, Discarded
All shall parish alone in the catacombs
All shall be harvested
Drained of life, empty Flesh