Eric Johnson – Let A Friend Find You Lyrics

[Verse 1]
If you find you’re on your own
Friends you have no longer phone
Start to feel that all is lost
Reaching out ain’t worth the cost

When you do, Another friend finds you
Mmm, If you do, let a friend find you

[Verse 2]
If one day, love’s well runs dry
Your heart does break, you start to cry
Feel so low, nowhere to go
This is what I’ve come to know

Yea, if you do, another love find you

Mmm, if you do, let the love find you

[Verse 3]
If someday I start to play
No one there, no words to say
And I think, might be the end
Something else then does begin

Mmm, when you do, I will play for you
Mmm, If it do, I’ve got to let it through

So when life do, You’ve got to
Let love through
When life do what it do
We’ve got to let love through