Junglepussy – Arugula Lyrics

My love long like a Tangerine Dream song
Meet me on the ocean floor thats where I been going
Don’t play me low-key on ya ukulele
‘Cause me pain call me crazy then call me ur lady
Of course
I wasn’t gassed not at all na you never claimed me
Made sure to tell ya friends you know me
‘Cause I’m famous
Congratulations maybe I’m jaded
I could’ve sworn I seen you
Loving things you said you hated
Wasn’t I the one to make you

Love the shit you hated
Introduced you to beet juice and artichoke
Acting funny infront me ’round your work folk
You don’t miss me you just know I want my back broke
Wig snatched, get my eggs cracked
I don’t know
Its all fun til you notice we not equally yolked
I may be goofy may be sexy but I’m not a joke
Hardy har take me far away like Fefe D
Sometimes I give into sadness
Sometimes I go to sleep