Kid Vision – Eyes Wide Shut Lyrics

Eyes wide shut
Eyes wide
Got our eyes wide shut
Please let it stop

Eyes wide shut
Eyes wide shut
Got our eyes wide shut
Please let it stop

[Verse 1]
We got our eyes wide shut man
Covid in my left and a gun in my right hand
No this wasn't planned man
God's watching over but the devil is my right hand

2020 wasn't planned man
Thought they knew what they were doing but it was a scam
It was a call to command man
The police with a piece?
They'll never understand

I wrote Oxymoron as a way to say
The youth lost it's way drugs everyday
I wrote Cabin Fever as a fight or flight
Cause it's mental warfare when we're here inside
I wrote Fyke Isle to admit that I'm like this
I wrote it to tell you where the f*ck my mind is
And now we're alone to all of our vices
But it's worse cause we're always on our devices

Rappers are poisoning us with drugs and violence
f*ck your idols now I'm here to break the silence
I thought lockdown would clear the streets of all the violence
But I look at it now and all I see are riots

It's 2020 we have lost our vision we have lost the way

George Floyd was innocent he never misbehaved
When we finally lock all of these f*cking cops away
I can't wait to see the smug looks on all of their faces

If we result to violence, cause riots, and break homage
Then we're no better than police who tear gas us
We need to literally move forward, march, and protest this
I'll do my best to stand together with all of the masses

America's history has suffered from brutality
It's time to put an end to this it didn't happen gradually
Everybody has a different view of morality
There's only one race and that race is called humanity

In reality I know it's not what everybody sees
I know I'm white but nevertheless it affects me
White privilege exists and I refuse the flee the scene
So I'll use mine to speak out against these racist human beings
I'm doing what I can with the life I've been given
And I love all life: white, black, men, and women
I won't stop until our country finally has another break through
I understand I'll never understand but I stand with you