Mar De Grises – Sleep Just One Dawn Lyrics

Like leaves of my autumn that sleep just one dawn
Where can I find a hope that doesn’t abandon me?
Until it sleeps I’ll be waiting, thinking where to hide you

And if in a thousand ashes you become, where would you be to dismiss?
In my thoughts you’ll sleep and in silence you’ll wake up
Melodies that make me remember and forget
Have you left any dream for me?

Stop crying and remember us… You must stop and remember us
Where do you hide us while they observe from nowhere?

Why don’t you come back from your unmentioned unconsciousness?

Are you the one who I met where death researches (for) love?

From nowhere nothing you will find
And nowhere you will find me
(But) don’t sleep, beacuse nothing I have left for you (nothing)

I’ve taken all from this life towards the unknown
Where tehre’s no way back, were you are who you must be
Would you like to remember, forget and miss?