Marc Vinyls – Unlocked Lyrics

Man, an individual who is determined
Will do whatever it takes
At all costs
To achieve ones goal
And the truth of the matter is
I’m hungrier than I’ve ever been
And I'm not slowing donw
I’m angry
I’m upset
They want they
They want they

They want they time, all for the demons
She want a man that she can believe in
She want a pill, now, shawty is sleeping
I do not fold, I do not weaken
I’m taking my shots
All of them double
I’m playing this game, all in the bubble
You are in trouble
I’m looking for money, not bеing no couple
You look at my life, you can see that I struggle
Still I am working and still I say "f*ck you"
I look at my pеople, I still do not trust you
I look at my people, I still do not trust you (Look)
Full circle moment, conversation with the class clown
Now you want to pay attention to the kid from the background
Guess it's time just to laugh now
Better back down
'Cuz I’m doing my thing
You want no problems I bring
Snake on the ring
Bear on the neck
Listen, I sing
Bars on the deck
Tell me what's next
Better be checks that we getting
Better be money we spending
Better stop all the pretending
I am no longer just lending
Me and my hands
To all of my friends
I said:
"Why you always think that you need another hand out?
I'mma show you how it's really gonna pan out"
The one and only MV, gon' stand out
I'mma get my bread up, cop some land out
In the Midwest
Get a bad bitch
With a big chest
Have a bad trip
That's a big test
I'mma savage

You a big pest
So quit all the pestering
Writing this letter all in my letterman
All year I'm gonna get it in
My mind unsettling
Call me a veteran
Twelve years of writing
Nine years of spitting
I am just different
You is just watching
Who are you kidding?
What are you sipping?
What are you thinking?
What is your vision ?
My vision go a lil like this
Red dot vision, I’m aiming at this
Where it hit, you gotta shoot that bitch
This shit goin blow like Lohan's lips
The best in my region
The best in my country
Who you believe in?
I am too hungry
I am the one Drake worried about
The one underground with none of that clout
I’m plotting everyday, all in my house
I am the one, I killed all that doubt
I am the one you talking about
Made my mistakes, now the demon is out
Made my mistakes, now the demon is out
Up and away I go
Look at the man, I’m filling that role
What is the plan? The money, the dough
Ducking them bitches and ducking them hoes
Look at your style, your pockets is low
Popping the molly and sipping patron
Acting so jolly, I’m all in my zone
Greatness and talent is all that I’ve shown

Greatness and talent is all that I’ve shown
Greatness and talent is all that I’ve shown
Greatness and talent is all that I’ve shown

Ayo MV so this is what you want to do huh?
Ain't no turning back now, my G
A lot of blood sweat and tears for a lot of years
Keep that pen flowing
The rest will come
You gon' get it all back
Keep doing you
Stay humble, keep ya head up
MVSZN for real