Megadeth – Last Dying Wish Lyrics

Here it comes; this is finally your time
It’s what you’ve been waiting for
All the blood, sweat, and tears getting ready
For this one moment, for this one shot

All eyes are focused on you
Everyone is now watching, waiting
It seems the world has stopped turning
The clock’s spinning, and you better not blow it

This is the deciding factor
Your personal “come to Jesus” moment
Where they separate winners and losers
Ask yourself; do I really want this bad enough?

I’ve got to prove myself

I’ll turn the night a’ light
I’ll set this place on fire
I know tonight’s the night

There are millions of reasons you should give up
Each one just waiting for you to wash out
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity
Soldier on and drown out the sounds of defeat

The world is yours to take, abandon your “plan B”
Seize everything you’ve ever wanted
Because for those who think winning comes easy
Luck will be their last dying wish

[Chorus] (x2)