Mike Keneally – Skunk Lyrics

Bleak image that cause you pain
This palace is Skunk’s domain
His spirit’s an open sore
His whimsy results in war

Maybe it’s a shattered childhood
Maybe he could never smile good
Sympathy he never mastered
Maybe he’s a rotten bastard

But he ran his fingers down my spine
Tried to make his madness mine

Took me to a distant hillside
Tried to make my spirit cyanide
Tried to screw my heart and soul then
Took a step back and told him

No you won’t be killing my love for life
He smile a wicked his tooth a knife

He said he wouldn’t let me leave him
I said I would be glad to grieve him
He said I do what he shall will me
I said you’re gonna have to kill me
He said it isn’t wise to spurn him
I said I would be glad to burn him
He said he making my life his life
I took myself out a buckknife

And I put a cut in his big red eye
Took a jump off the cliff to fly
I hear him screaming and how he cried
He flying bleeding he by my side

Flying to the sun and higher
Bursting in a ball of fire

Falling to the earth and water
In the arms of Neptune’s daughter
Blind and nearly dead I felt her
Offering me food and shelter
Quiet as a naked schoolmouse
Found me an abandoned farmhouse

Then she said to me you must come and hide
I am here for you, come inside
We remaining for seven days
Free from enemy’s poison gaze

Waking up from our sleeping
We thought we heard a tiny weeping
Took a peek out of the window
Suddenly a massive wind blow

And the whole place is torn to shreds
Skunk laughing with one eye dead
He tried to reach and grab my love
But that I won’t hear of

Grabbed the sucker by his collar
Said I’m gonna make you holler
Tore his every leg and arm off
Threw his noggin in the barn trough
Made a stew from his intestine
Safe to say I fully messed him
Then there was a change in weather
Sucker pulled himself together

Well, thank God my lady had run away
Skunk kill me with one foul spray
Bleak image that cause you pain
This palace is Skunk’s domain