Pretty Maids – Louder Than Ever 2014 (Japanese Edition)

Исполнитель: Pretty Maids
Альбом: Louder Than Ever
Страна: Denmark
Жанр: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Издатель: Ward Records / Columbia (VQCD-10362)
Год: 2014
Формат: MP3 CBR 320 kbps/Covers
Размер: 212 Мb
Файлообменник: Rusfolder;


01. Deranged (New Song)
02. Playing God (Rerecorded)
03. Psycho Time Bomb Planet Earth (Rerecorded)
04. My Soul To Take (New Song)
05. He Who Never Lived (Rerecorded)
06. Virtual Brutality (Rerecorded)
07. Tortured Spirit (Rerecorded)
08. With These Eyes (Rerecorded)
09. Nuclear Boomerang (New Song)
10. Snakes In Eden (Rerecorded)
11. Wake Up To The Real World (Rerecorded)
12. A Heart Without A Home (New Song)
13. Deranged (extended version)

Ronnie Atkins – Vocals (Avantasia (live), ex-L.A.)
Ken Hammer – Guitars
René Shades – Bass
Morten Sandager – Keyboards (ex-Behind the Curtain, ex-Mercenary, ex-Melodic Meltdown, ex-Elopa)
Allan Tschicaja – Drums (Missing Tide, ex-Furious Trauma, Jane Doe, ex-Royal Hunt (live)


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