Simo Soo – Ugly Lyrics

(Simo Soo)
I’m not a Leo but you can never catch me
Gemini twin in the back seat
Feeling fine, I can stand it
I’m alive but empty handed
And I’m glad that you planned it
Put me on the map like city planners
I’m a five star breakfast
Got a panda on my necklace
I’m checking off a check list
And I’ll do this 'til I’m underground
In your city f*cking up your town
And I’m lucky if I make a sound
And I’m blessed that I can write this down
Depression never make a sound
It jus' shuts you up until you can’t get up
And yeah I f*cked it up and now I’m down to clown
Woop woop I'm a pretty kitty
I’m feeling shitty and I started to drink real heavy
Yeah not very clever but the bottle gets me

But to be honest I wish it was a Pepsi
And you got nothing on me
Untouchable in the air floating
I'd deep throat a cactus before I ever f*cked with you
Eating me up that I ever looked up to you
Gotta chase up this invoice
To pay the rent in this house that I enjoy
And I’m your boy, it’s me, it’s the Simo Soo
I smell like vanilla, I’m so fresh and so smooth
You’re on the shelf like the drugs of a dealer on a plane
And I can’t complain, I’m insane in the membrane
Shout out to Frances Bean and shout out to Lil B
And I’m reading queer zines in Footscray library
In the library
(Lil B)
Just keep movin', never stop